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Rank Picture Name Author


ar_bttrfl.gif (2911 bytes) Butterfly Could be you
1 ar_sm4ears.gif (2593 bytes) Four ears small Could be you
3 ar_4ears.gif (2342 bytes) Four ears Could be you
3 ar_reel.gif (3257 bytes) Reel Could be you
3 ar_8ears.gif (2306 bytes) Eight ears Could be you
3 ar_prplr.gif (2435 bytes) Propeller Could be you
1 ar_bat.gif (2597 bytes) Bat Could be you
1 ar_big_ctrp.gif (2497 bytes) Big caterpillar Could be you
1 ar_big_prplr.gif (2750 bytes) Big propeller Could be you
0 ar_turtle.gif (3024 bytes) Turtle Could be you
0 ar_turkey.gif (2457 bytes) Turkey Could be you
3 ar_spindle.gif (2641 bytes) Spindle Could be you
0 ar_swan.gif (3154 bytes) Swan Could be you

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