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Go Afterain! DownLoad Register Claim Form Afterain Contest AfteRain Gallery Solutions
Print this page, fill it out, and send it to: 

Genel Collection Corp
PO BOX   812086
Wellesley MA 02482-0013

Official AfteRain® prize claim form.

Last name:       
First name:       
E-mail Address: 
Street Address1:  
Street Address2:
State, Zip:        
I solved  Tiny AfteRain® puzzle in moves
I solved  Small AfteRain® puzzle in moves
I solved  Normal AfteRain® puzzle in moves
I solved  Big AfteRain® puzzle in moves

Please Reimburse the price of the game      OR
          Send me the unlock key and register me for free.

I created a new figure called   
Please consider to include the figure in the AfteRain® Gallery, along with my name and photo.  
The symmetry rank of the figure is   
Please, send me my prize as outlined in the Contest Rules.

I include all the required paths and my personal photo.

Signature:                                             Date:   
Print this page and send it along with your solution paths,
 and send all the required info separately.


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Last modified: February 09, 2000