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Questions & Answers

This page is compiled out of questions I kept getting in the mail recently. Some of them are in fact the ones my friends have been asking me for years.
This entire site is about puzzles - what they are and how they are made. And only this page is about - WHY I keep creating them regardless of the profit.
You can ask your question right here - it will be answered

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Q: Why do you make puzzles ?
VG: Normal life is not enough.

Q: What is normal life?
VG: Normal life is: going to work and back, having vacations, buying and consuming products, watching others performing actions.

Q: Why puzzles?
VG: Puzzles have a unique combination of necessary features.

Q: What are the necessary features?
VG: First: uselessness.
Second: beauty.
Third: They are an art.
Fourth: They are a science.
Fifth: They are real, tangible, mechanical objects.

Q: Why is uselessness good?
VG: Because puzzles have no practical application.
They are valuable, self-contained objects on their own.

Q: Why not try to make something useful out of puzzles?
VG: Puzzles stay meaningful as long as they are useless. As soon as
one uses a puzzle for a practical application it loses it’s sense.
People play different toys all their lives and barely get to touch
anything really serious. Puzzles give them that opportunity.

Q: What do you mean by toys?
VG: Pants and houses, cars and computers, boats and furniture, the
list is lengthy.

Q: So, all the things normal people consider serious, you call toys,
and such obvious playthings as puzzles you consider serious?
VG: That’s right.

Q: How come?
VG: Because all so-called serious things are in fact methods.
A house is a mean of dwelling, a car is a mean of transportation, and
so on.
Puzzles ,on the other hand, are self-meaningful.
When you hold a good puzzle in your hand you in fact touch the very
inner soul of the Universe.

Q: What do you like most about yourself?
VG: I am capable of creating new meaningful objects. It’s not my
achievement, it’s my luck, I was born with it. And I am very grateful to the Lord for that.

Q: What do you dislike most about yourself?
VG: When I talk about puzzles I get too dramatic sometimes.

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