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ConQubation1 interlocking puzzle

 conqubation1_front_tn.gif (5644 bytes)      conqubation1_bottom_tn.gif (5396 bytes)

During the last millenium all the possible applications of such a common polyhedron as a cube are exhausted, all imaginable cubical games and puzzles have been invented. There is nothing else to make out of cubes...
W r o n g.
Here comes The ConQubation1 - totally new 3D puzzle, 1998 year born.
It's a three-piece coordinate-motion puzzle, a constellation of cubes.
There is a little cavity inside holding a little surprise - another little cube.
conqubation1_open_tn.gif (3895 bytes)
The ConQubation1 puzzle is made out of cubes, only cubes and nothing but the cubes.
This alternate solution was found by Serhiy Grabarchuk at IPP 19 in London:
conqubation1_2solution_front_tn.gif (3480 bytes)   
conqubation1_2solution_bottom_tn.gif (3886 bytes)
This is not a coordinate motion solution, making this puzzle quite unique.
And at last there is a joke solution which is very easy to attain, leaving an 'extra spare part'.
conqubation1_joke_tn.gif (6099 bytes)

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