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THE HARD NUT a set of box puzzles

This puzzle set consists of several polyhedrons in graduated sizes one fitting inside each other.
hardnut_tn.jpg (6880 bytes)
Each polyhedron is made up of several identical, interlocking parts.
The puzzle demonstrates the symmetry features of different polyhedrons and their spatial interaction.
The most interesting part about this set of puzzles is that they can fit inside one another.
Polyhedrons presented are: cubic octahedron, in it rhombic cube, in it rhombic dodecahedron, in it cube, in it star-like octahedron, in it icosahedron (presented as a sphere).
There exist other sets of input polyhedrons.The puzzle helps to develop spatial imagination, volume vision, allows the player to learn basic laws of symmetry, brightly illustrates the interrelation of polyhedrons.

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