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  KuBall a molecular puzzle
              kuball_parts_tn.jpg (2188 bytes)             kuball3_tn.gif (4364 bytes)
  This modification, using little cubes instead of the small spheres, was introduced by Tom Lensch. He also made this beautiful prototype.
  Joke solution using only two parts out of three.

Major features

The KubaLLŪ is a three-dimensional puzzle, based on a physical phenomenon of the dense spatial package of spheres.
The KubaLLŪ consists of three parts.
Each part is a chain of spheres coupled together rigidly and placed within one plane which is important from the point of view of molding the design.
The KubaLLŪ puzzle assembles with mutual parts clutching to form a firm cubical shape.
Judging by the triangular shape of most of the parts, the solution is far from obvious.

Survey Form

This is an interesting thing.
Let me know when this product is available.
I'd like to get one as soon as possible.