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Octetra a Set of molecular puzzles
octetra.gif (25116 bytes)

Major features

The Octetra is a set of two three-dimensional puzzles based on a physical phenomenon of the dense spatial package of spheres.
The Octetra consists of six parts of three different types.
octetra_parts.gif (12382 bytes)Each part is a chain of spheres coupled together rigidly and placed within one plane which is important from the point of view of molding the design.
Using some of the parts two different shapes may be assembled:
a tetrahedron 4x4x4 using two parts1 and two parts2
an octahedron 3x3x3 using three parts1 and one part3.
Before starting the assembly the suitable parts should be selected.
Both of the Octetra puzzles assemble with mutual parts clutching to form the two firm shapes.
Judging by the rectangular shape of most of the parts, the solutions are far from obvious.

Survey Form

This is an interesting thing.
Let me know when this product is available.
I'd like to get one as soon as possible.