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P-Hut an interlocking puzzle

 p_hut2_tn.jpg (1975 bytes)     p_hut3_tn.jpg (1769 bytes)     p_hut1_open_tn.jpg (1767 bytes)    Make it yourself !

The P-Hut is a descendant of The Clips puzzle
It's a three-piece coordinate-motion puzzle.
Assembled it looks like some kind of an architectural construction.
p_hut1_tn.jpg (1853 bytes)
To assemble it you have to put together three parts moving them simultaneously towards the center of the puzzle.
p_hut_assembling1_tn.gif (6191 bytes)  p_hut_assembling2_tn.gif (6485 bytes)  p_hut_assembling3_tn.gif (6133 bytes) 
Although it looks relatively complex, it's made out of flat pieces of wood or plywood using an ordinary scroll saw.
phut_pln_tn.gif (4837 bytes)  This example uses a standard sample 6" x 3" x 1/2".
The P-Hut has a hollow cubical cavity inside of it, so to some extent it's a Box Puzzle.

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