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QuadroPrizm interchangeable puzzle

Prisms_tn.jpg (2190 bytes) VRML provided by Tom Longtin at

QuadroPrizm is an interesting puzzle which at first glance looks like four intersected prisms. But at the second glance you notice that the prisms are somehow twisted in the middle...
To assemble the QuadroPrizm you have to put together two groups of parts consisting of two pieces each.
It's a member of The Quad Squad family which means that it's parts can be used in combination with pieces from any other family member.
Prisms_tetra1_tn.jpg (2205 bytes)  Combination with QuadroOctangula
Prisms_cracked_tn.jpg (2324 bytes) Combination with Cracked

Survey Form

This is an interesting thing.
Let me know when this product is available.
I'd like to get one as soon as possible.



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